Hedonic SPA offers exclusive treatments from two lavish brands new to Latvia.
Luxurious cosmetics - EviDenS de Beauté from France and MOSS of the ISLES from Ireland and Britain.
Immerse yourself in the complete calm and lavish in relaxation at Hedonic Spa. Allow our professionals to emphasize your beauty and relieve your tension. You deserve it.



Moisturising Facial Treatment

60 min | 85 €

Perfectly moisturises tired and dull skin and protects and smooths skin tone while giving a healthy glow. This facial will reduce the effects of fatigue and protect skin from the tolls of dehydration.


Express Facial Treatment

30 min | 60 €

For people on the go – why not indulge in our hydrating express facial. To be enjoyed even if the time is limited. This experience will nourish, protect and swiftly renew the skin.



EviDenS de Beauté is the first anti-aging skincare line of proven efficacy, dedicated to protect and respect all skin types, even the most sensitive one. Perfect alliance of Japanese excellence and French elegance: its unique voluptuous face care spa rituals inspired by secular beauty techniques combine technical excellence and celebration of the senses for visible long lasting beauty results.


Illuminate & tone

60 min | 165 €

An amazing "icy wake-up" effect for in-depth firming action & immediate healthy-looking skin. Ideally recommended for dull and tired skin needing a kick start to rejuvenation, this six-part facial is like fitness for the skin, leaving you and your skin with a fresh perspective. Best suited just before an evening out or in the morning to start a busy day this treatment is highly effective in giving you a fresh foundation every time. Your skin looks instantly fresh and younger.


Purify & oxygenate

60 min | 165 €

A deep-cleansing "Skin Perfector" treatment inspired by a Japanese purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Intended for combination, oily and blemish-prone skins, this six-step treatment ritual helps reduce excess oil production, tighten pores and reduce redness. This treatment is particularly adapted for the skin when the seasons change or twice a month for sustained skin rebalancing. Your skin is clear and pure, your complexion is perfect.


Reshape & firm

90 min | 210 €

The ultimate anti-wrinkle ritual to smooth the skin and neck, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specially designed for skin lacking firmness and tonicity this seven-step treatment experience includes the hydra-lift bio-collagen mask and specific techniques inspired by Japanese rituals for instant lifting effect. Particularly recommended on a monthly basis for a visible long lasting effects. The oval of the face is redesigned, features are smoothed and skin texture is refined.


Unify & clarify

60 min | 165 €

A "glow activator intensive program" to restore the original skin radiance of the face, neck and décolleté. Created for skin with increased pigmentation concerns and dark spots, this six-step facial experience nourishes, renews and protects the skin back to its youthful appearance and balanced complexion. We recommend a monthly cure of 4 weekly sessions for a spectacular and long lasting brightening effect on the skin. Day after day, dark spots fade away; complexion is revived and more uniform.




Classic Massage

45 min | 70 €

60 min | 85 €

90 min | 100 €


Classic Massage in Couples Room

60 min | 190 €

90 min | 220 €


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 min | 50 €


Sports Massage

75 min | 110 €


Foot Massage

30 min | 45 €


Head Massage

30 min | 45 €


Amber Aroma Massage

45 min | 75 €

60 min | 90 €

90 min | 105 €

Full body massage that will relax muscles and free mind from the stress. It will warm up the body and balance the mind emotionally. Amber releases toxins as well as anti-aging effect on the skin.


Lavender Aroma Massage

45 min | 75 €

60 min | 90 €

90 min | 105 €

Lavender reduces muscle pain and will relax tight muscle groups while reducing stress and pain. This full body massage will provide the feelings of peace, balance and warmth.


Grape Aroma Massage

45 min | 75 €

60 min | 90 €

90 min | 105 €


Exclusive Pearl Treatment

90 min | 105 €

This black pearl treatment deeply moisturises the skin, restores it’s elasticity and has firming effect on the body. Products used in the treatment are enriched with underwater world minerals and essential salts which will improve the skin tone while giving it a healthy glow.

Treatment includes body peeling and a full body massage with pearl lotion.


Anti-cellulite and Body Shaping Treatment

90 min | 115 €

Treatment that improves the microcirculation of the blood, contributes to weight reduction while increasing cellular metabolism and evening skin tone. It will stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and generally tighten and smooth the appearance of cellulite as well as help with visible capillaries, and reduce body shape while having a deeply moisturizing effect.

Treatment includes body peeling, body wrap and anti-cellulite massage. Recommended course of 4 treatments to maximise the effect.



Handcrafted in small batches with all natural, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients from across Ireland and the British Isles. Proud to be vegan, organic where possible and never tested on animals.

Moss Face & Body Wellness

90 min | 115 €

Achieve wellness through physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This customized body ritual starts with breathing exercise, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, whilst naturally increasing the energy. To complete this whole-body experience, the face is gently cleansed and highly nourished with skin Resilience Face oil, applied with reflexology style pressure points to increase circulation, and sealed with the Organic Irish Peat Mask to shield the skin from free-radical damage.


Quiet Time

60 min | 95 €

Find a moment of deep silence and solitude to relieve stress, increase self-awareness and provide a space of reflection.


Body Cleanse

60 min | 95 €

Reset the body through a cleansing massage to regain energy, relieve stagnation, release toxins and improve skin tone.


Warm Element

60 min | 95 €

Warmth, motion and tissue movement will help improve flexibility, aid recovery from exercise, target muscle release and reduce tension and stress.


Nourish Body Treatment

60 min | 95 €

Nurture the body with gentle relaxing strokes while deeply moisturizing the skin.


MOSS of the ISLES Signature Treatments in Couples Room

60 min | 210 €


Moss Body Renewal

90 min | 120 €

Restore the body beyond smooth and soft skin. Preparing the body through deep breathing is essential for the experience of this rejuvenating body ritual. Black Mitcham Peppermint, Dead Sea Salt and Scottish Dulse gently exfoliates to reveal new hydrated skin, making it ready for nourishment with a blend of Green Mandarin, English Camomile, Palmarosa and Geranium in a rich cream base of White Poppy Seed, Argan and Avocado oil, which is rhythmically massaged all over the body. Pressure points on face and scalp are performed to awaken and renew the body.




Create Your Own Beauty Ritual

60 min | 95 € | 2 treatments

90 min | 125 € | 3 treatments

Create your own beauty ritual by choosing two or three 30 minute treatments.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage / Foot Massage / Head Massage / Express Facial Treatment / Body Peeling


Romantic SPA Escape for Two

120 min | 300 €

Romantic spa ritual for two surrounded by aromatic grape aroma in our Couples suite:

- Hedonic Wellness centre visit

- Aromatic body peeling

- Relaxing bath with Moss of the Isles organic bath salt

- A relaxing red grape aroma massage

- Sparkling rhubarb wine and healthy snacks in relaxation lounge




Titanium Body treatment

90 min | 105 €

A masculine body treatments that is designed to treat and hydrate the skin with earthy scents.Treatments includes body peeling and a full body massage with titanium lotion.

Titanium Body massage

45 min | 75 €

60 min | 90 €

A full body massage that will provide a feeling of strength and vitality. A distinct masculine aroma that will deeply moisturize the skin.


Gents Manicure

60 min | 30 €

Gents Pedicure

75 min | 40 €



Treatments for children (6-16 years old)


Aroma massage

30 min | 40 €




Mother and daughter massage in Couples room

30 min | 90 €


Father and son massage in Couples room

30 min | 90 €


All children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times. Parents or guardian of the child will be required to complete a record card and sign on behalf of the child. 




Eyebrow Tint

15 €

Eyelash Tint

15 €

Eyebrow Shape

15 €

Eyebrow Shape + Tint

25 €

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

25 min | 25 €



Manicure without Nail Polish

40-60 min | 25 €

Manicure with Nail Polish

60-90 min | 30 €

Manicure with Gel Polish

60-90 min | 35 €

French Manicure with Gel Polish

90-120 min | 40 €

Spa Manicure (no Nail Polish)

60-90 min | 35 €




Pedicure without Nail Polish

60-70 min | 35 €


Pedicure with Nail Polish

90 min | 40 €


Pedicure with Gel Polish

90 min | 45 €


French pedicure with Gel Polish

120 min | 45 €


Spa Pedicure (no Nail Polish)

60-90 min | 45 €




Gelish Removal

40 min | 8 €


Nail Polish

60 min | 7 €


Gelish Overlay for Hands

30 min | 12 €



Please be advised that it is good practice to shower before any treatment. Silence, peace & respect must be adhered to whilst visiting Hedonic spa. Please consider other guest’s space & privacy. Please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the Wellness area.



In order to give you adequate time to fill in the health questionnaire and use the Wellness area we recommend that you arrive 1 hour prior your scheduled appointment. Should you not wish to use Wellness area, we advise to arrive 15 minutes prior your treatment to allow enough time to check in the spa reception. Late arrivals will affect the duration of the booked appointment.



To schedule or to rebook, contact our Hedonic spa reception who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right treatment. All treatments should preferably be booked in advance to ensure availability. Our spa reception will need valid credit or debit card information to confirm any bookings. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking, please be advised that 24 hours is required in order for us to accommodate your request, or two hours if the appointment is made on the same day. No-show or last-minute cancellations will incur a 100% charge.



Bathrobes, slippers and disposables are available at Hedonic spa for your visit. Rubber slippers provided at Hedonic reception must be used while in the Wellness area.



Kindly consult with your therapist before taking any treatment or using our facility. If you are pregnant or suffer from any allergies, please inform our team prior and upon making a booking.



Children up to 16 years old are welcome to Wellness Centre between the hours of 7.00-19.00 daily, and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. From 19.00-22.00 daily Wellness center access is restricted to adults and children 16 and over.



Please secure your valuables in the lockers provided. Hedonic spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.




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