Hedonic Escape

Ritual - Our special program that restores and preserves the natural beauty of your skin.

foot bath and peeling | firming body wrap | tea ceremony | moisturizing facial treatment


Half-day Getaway - Immerse in complete relaxation. Enhance you physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And restore the balance of all your senses.

aroma bath | Sea Holistic body treatment | tea ceremony | Hedonic Face treatment


Couples - Unique spa therapies help you to relax and spark the feelings.

aroma bath | Sea Holistic body treatment | exfoliation with marine salt crystals


From 150 Per treatment Book
Hedonic Daily


express 30 min
classic 60 min
gel 60 min


spa 60 min
gel 90 min


armpits 15 min
elbows or knees dow 30 min
bikini 30 min
full arms or legs 45 min


day 30 min
evening 45 min

Eyebrows / Eyelashes

eyebrows or eyelashes tint 20 min
eyebrows ana eyelashes tint 30 min

From 20 Per treatment Book