90 € / per person

Moss of the Isles Signature massage of choice:

-Quiet Time

Find a moment of deep silence and solitude to relieve stress, increase self-awareness and provide a space of reflection.


-Warm Element

Warmth, motion and tissue movement will help improve flexibility, aid recovery from exercise, target muscle release and reduce tension and stress.


-Body Cleanse

Reset the body through a cleansing massage to regain energy, relieve stagnation, release toxins and improve skin tone.


-Nourish Treatment

Nurture the body with gentle relaxing strokes while deeply moisturizing the skin.


Light lunch break in our artist-inspired Grand Poet Café. Choose one of the options from below:

-Savoury option of choice (Quiche with bacon, Quiche with fried mushrooms or Pearl couscous salad) & freshly squeezed orange juice

-Dessert & tea or coffee


Offer is available on weekdays only from 10am – 5pm.

Pre-booking is mandatory., +371 60008613
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