Solo Exhibition "Wanderer" by Alise Builevica Opens

2023, May 19

The Latvian Academy of Arts, in collaboration with the "Grand Poet" design hotel, opens the solo exhibition "Wanderer" by artist Alise Builevica.

On May 19 of this year, the Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA), in collaboration with "Semarah Hotels", opened the solo exhibition "Wanderer" by the talented artist and LMA graduate Alise Builevica. One of the exhibition's works, a favorite among hotel visitors, will be acquired by "Grand Poet", further enriching the hotel's art collection, which already includes works by eight young Latvian artists.

The works featured in the "Wanderer" exhibition are like an extended timeline, capturing a sense of searching, observation, returning to the past, and discovering something new. Each painting hides memories within it. They are like a time machine, taking the viewer to where the artist was at that moment, revealing her thoughts and emotions. They evoke sadness and longing, joy and satisfaction, but above all, a bittersweet atmosphere.

"To make the journey of life as enjoyable as possible, I never let go of the creation of art, which has been present in almost everyone since childhood. I have long felt it as a language that I use to communicate with anyone. It's a language that doesn't require words. I will always be grateful for the inclination towards creating art, as its power helps me straighten my back, loosen my shoulders, and enjoy life as it is," invites visitors to the solo exhibition, the artist Alise Builevica explains.

"Alise is a truly talented artist whose depictions of the human figure in nature speak of a longing for peace and balance. The ever-changing aspect of the surrounding environment that each of us experiences creates various mutations of reality. This combination of self-awareness with the representation of the world of feelings defines Alise's unique painting style. Moreover, she is always accompanied by music. Physically present in the environment, she allows herself to be carried away by the rhythms of music into a parallel space of emotions. Her works exhibit the intangible physical representation or the direct manifestation of metaphysical painting,"

the artist is characterized by the exhibition curator and the director of the "LOOK" gallery, Raivis Alksnis.

The "Grand Poet" design hotel initiated its collaboration with the Latvian Academy of Arts in 2018 to support young Latvian artists, encourage new achievements, provide a space for creating personal exhibitions, and offer financial support for talent development, thereby promoting the development of art in Latvia.

"The design of the 'Grand Poet' hotel embodies opposites - diplomacy and bohemia, and the 'Grand Poet Art Collection' naturally complements the bohemian style, allowing our guests to combine practical and traditional everyday life with the inspiration, beauty, and freedom that art provides. Art has encouraged me to look at the world in a much broader way, so it seems only natural to offer our guests the opportunity to experience a part of Latvia's creative life," explains the hotel's manager, Māris Alnis.

The paintings from Alise Builevica's exhibition "Wanderer" can be appreciated by every visitor to the exhibition by affixing a sticker to the work closest to their heart - a coin worth 5 grand. This will determine the painting that will be added to the "Grand Poet Art Collection" by acquiring it from the artist. The collection already includes works by eight young artists - Madara Kvēpa, Justīne Seile, Ella Mežule, Agate Bernāne, Kristīne Rublovaska, Laura Veļa, Sandra Strēle, and Roberts Bāliņš - which are displayed on each floor of the hotel and in the courtyard.

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